Norfolk Crafts

Stories from people for whom crafts are a way of life

A Crafting Life (1940s – 2016)

Pat’s crafting life began at three when her granny introduced her to knitting. She enjoys sharing her love for crafts with children and fellow enthusiasts. I started crafting when I was just over three years old sitting in an air raid shelter probably being a nuisance, so my granny introduced me to knitting with two […]

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Seams and stitches of my life (1948-1986)

Dorothy moved Norfolk when she was five years old. She loved needlework at school and is passionate about quilting and embroidery to this day. I was born in 1926, in a village on the borders of Wiltshire and Gloucestershire called Willesley. We moved to Norfolk when I was two and, as my father was a […]

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The spinning geek (1979-2016)

An interest in textiles has become a real passion for Liz who was unable to work for many years due to ill health. She speaks about her enthusiasm for crochet, spinning, weaving and all things yarn-related and how she has been able to turn this passion into her own business. I’ve had an interest in […]

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The Weaver (1950s – 2015)

Stanley was a civil engineer who became fascinated with weaving. He is especially keen on carpet weaving and has several looms. His wife is a spinner. I went to Watford Technical College and after further education became a civil engineer. For my first job I came up to Norfolk on a supposedly nine months’ contract […]

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Would you like a fleece? (1952-2006)

Monica had a varied and interesting career well into her seventies. Retirement didn’t slow her down and Monica became a member of the Spinners and Weavers Guild from the age of 80, and hasn’t looked back since. I was 15 when I left school with no qualifications. The 1948 Education Act meant the grammar school […]

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