Reedcutting & thatching

A family in thatching. A hard but enjoyable life. (1970s-2019)

Stephen has worked as a thatcher since the 1970s.  He talks about his working life and the work he did, along with his brother, on cottages, churches, boat sheds, bus stops and even a village sign. I was born in 1954 at my grandparents’ house, Crome’s Farm, How Hill. In those days young mothers would […]

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A Man of the Marshes (1947-2018)

Wally tells his story as the ‘King’ of the marshes. He is the last hand reedcutter and is leaving his legacy of knowledge to his sons.  I was born in Rockland St Mary, in the old Post Office row, in 1947. I had two sisters and one brother.  I just got one sister left now. […]

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