Domestic Service

Crossing the ocean to Norfolk (1950s/60s)

Gwen came to the UK from St Helena in 1955 at 20 years old to work at Kimberley Hall, Norfolk. She now lives in Norwich. From St Helena to Norfolk In St Helena, they had a Government scheme where they recruited young women to come over for domestic work. My sister wanted to come and […]

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From St Helena to Kimberley Hall (1950s/60s)

Heather came to the UK from St. Helena and worked as a maid at Kimberley Hall in Wymondham. She married and stayed in Norfolk where she still lives.   Arriving at Kimberley Hall I come from St. Helena, we had a wonderful upbringing and we all used to help on the farm. We came from a […]

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The London Kitchen Maid (1934-1940s)

Lila’s family moved to London after Silkworth colliery where her father worked closed and at 14 went to work as a kitchen maid in Eccleston Square, Victoria. Apart from a short time working in a restaurant with her sister, she worked there until she was married at the beginning of the second world war. She […]

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