The Printing Department, Colman’s (1960s)

Christine worked for Colman’s printing department during the sixties, and it was there she met her future husband, who also worked at Colman’s. Early days I left school when I was fifteen years old and went to work at Colman’s of Norwich in the printing department. I worked there for nine years until I left […]

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The Tin Shop, Colman’s 1955-1960

I left school January in 1955 and started work at Colman’s. I was just 15 and I started in the tin shop making little tins for Colman’s mustard. I was offered a job on what they called the cutters. We used to put the sheets through rollers which cut the tin and then through another […]

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Tons of tins, Colman’s (1959-1970)

Margaret tells the story of her eleven years working in the Tin Shop at Colman’s. In 1959 I started work at Colman’s at the age of fifteen in the ‘tin shop’ which was where all the mustard tins were made. We had one afternoon off each week to go to the social club. I think […]

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