Attitudes have changed (1935-2018)

The Reverend Jane speaks about her life: wartime, on a farm, horses, working for the church, and being ordained as one of the first Church of England women priests. Early life and the War I was born in Southern Rhodesia. My father had fought in the First World War and all soldiers could have some […]

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The Agricultural Missionary (1960-2009)

Ian used his agricultural skills as a Baptist missionary in Angola and the Congo from 1961 until 1977. He then moved to Dereham, and worked briefly for Shaver International. His final job before retirement was as an agent for the Forum of Private Business. Throughout his life, Ian has been guided by his Christian faith. […]

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The Hound of Heaven (1960s-2008)

Peter wanted to be an Anglican priest from a young age. Following a short spell as a journalist, he trained to be a teacher at Keswick Hall in Norwich and worked at Lincoln Road Boys’ School in Peterborough and at the Hewett School in Norwich. After three years at Theological College in Chichester, Peter returned […]

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